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Social Security office at ONE PARK PLACE PEEKSKILL, NY 10566

Peekskill NY Social Security office at ONE PARK PLACE assign Social Security numbers to U.S. Citizens.They also maintains earnings records under workers Social Security numbers and administrates Supplemental Security Income program for the aged, blind and disabled. SOCIAL SECURITY OFFICE 3RD FL ONE PARK PLACE PEEKSKILL, NY 10566 National Toll-Free 1-800-772-1213 TTY 1-800-325-0778 MON: 09:00 AMContinue Reading

Can’t seem to get Social Security office to change my Direct Deposit account

Q) Can not seem to get on the Social Security website to change my Direct Deposit bank account. How else do I do it ??? A) Here is some information from Social Security Administration website regrading changing your deposit bank account information. You can start, change or cancel your direct deposit by: Using Social Security Direct Deposit(OnlyContinue Reading

Traveling outside the usa if I am collecting Social Security

Q) I wanted to know about traveling outside the usa if I am collecting Social Security di A) According to Social Security Administration; If you are a United States citizen, you can travel or live in most foreign countries without affecting your eligibility for Social Security benefits. However, if you reside in Cuba or North Korea, youContinue Reading

I made more than $40,080, Why they hold back some of my social security?

Q) I’ve been getting my social security benefits since April of this year, and now I received a letter in the mail asking me to submit my income again to ensure that you are paying me correctly.. I was told after I turn 66 that I could have as many jobs as I wanted. IContinue Reading

Trying get an appointment at Syracuse Social Security Office location.

Q) Please help me! My sister in law is unwell. I am trying to help her get an appointment at Syracuse location. Can NEVER get through to make appointment. Her Social Security checks have been stopped. She can not explain why? She and I need to sit with a SS representative as soon as possible.Continue Reading

Would like to know about my social security benefit as a widow

Q) I became disable in 1991…car accident broke spine c5and c6..didn’t apply because I was living off my husband social security..I’m 42 now and my health has taken a toll on my body..I’m concern and would like to know about my benefit as a widow? Thank you…tapia A) Here is some information for the SocialContinue Reading

How do I apply for repayment of Medicare expenses, Social Security Administration

Q) How do I apply for repayment of part B Medicare expenses. Per the Social Security Administration I was advised to contact the state to ask about repayment of the funds taken from my monthly social security benefits to pay for my Part B of Medicare. Thank you. A) Here is some information form SocialContinue Reading

I divorced in April 2013 Does this change the social security benefit amount

Q) I divorced in April 2013. Does this change the social security benefit amount that I am presently collecting? Thank you A) Your benefits will continue if you get divorced and you are age 62 or older unless you were married less than 10 years. If your marital status changes, you must let Social Security know.Continue Reading



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How much can I earn while receiving Social Security

The amount you can earn while receiving Social Security depends on your age. Your earnings in (and after) the month you reach full retirement age will not affect your Social Security benefits. However, your benefit is reduced if your earnings exceed certain limits for the months before you reach your full retirement age. If youContinue Reading

Why you need a Social Security Card

Your first and continuous link with Social Security is your nine-digit Social Security Number. It helps us to maintain an accurate record of your wages or self-employment earnings that are covered under the Social Security Act, and to monitor your record once you start getting Social Security benefits. WHY DO I NEED ONE? You needContinue Reading

When benefits are paid

When does Social Security pay benefits? Social Security pays retirement, disability, and survivor benefits the month following the month in which you earned the benefit.  For example, if you earned a benefit in May, we will pay the benefit in June. The birthday of the person on whose record you receive benefits determines your payment date. Continue Reading

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Albany NY Social Security office at 11 A CLINTON AVE

Amherst NY Social Security office at 3131 SHERIDAN DR 

Astoria NY Social Security office at 31-08 37TH AVE

Batavia NY Social Security office at 571 EAST MAIN ST

Binghamton NY Social Security office at 2 COURT STREET

Bronx NY 10451 Social Security office at 820 CONCOURSE VLG

Bronx NY 10455 Social Security office at 2770 3RD AVE 

Bronx NY 10460 Social Security office at 1829 SOUTHERN BLVD

Bronx NY 10459 Social Security office at 1029 E 163RD ST

Bronx NY 10462 Social Security office at 1380 PARKER ST

Bronx NY 10469 Social Security office at 3247 LACONIA AVE

Brooklyn NY 11201 Social Security office at 195 MONTAGUE ST

Brooklyn NY 11210 Social Security office at 2250 NOSTRAND AVE

Brooklyn NY 11223 Social Security office at 7714 17 AVENUE

Brooklyn NY 11206 Social Security office at 1111 MYRTLE AVE

Brooklyn NY 11207 Social Security office at 3386 FULTON ST

Brooklyn NY 11211 Social Security office at 93 NORTH 9TH 

Brooklyn NY 11236 Social Security office at 1871 ROCKAWAY PKW 

Brooklyn NY 11216 Social Security office at 1540 FULTON ST

Brooklyn NY 11201 Social Security office at 195 MONTAGUE ST

Buffalo NY Social Security office at 186 EXCHANGE STREET

Corning NY Social Security office at 200 NASSER CIVIC CTR

Dunkirk NY Social Security office at 437 MAIN ST 

Elmira NY Social Security office at 100 WEST CHURCH ST 

Flushing NY Social Security office at 138-50 BARCLAY AVE

Freeport NY Social Security office at 84 N. MAIN ST

Geneva NY Social Security office at 15 LEWIS ST 

Glendale NY Social Security office at 6344 AUSTIN ST

Gloversville NY Social Security office at 13 N ARLINGTON AVE

Hudson NY Social Security office at 747 WARREN ST

Ithaca NY Social Security office at 127 W STATE ST

Jamaica NY Social Security office at 155-10 JAMAICA AVE

Jamestown NY Social Security office at 321 HAZELTINE AVE

Lake Katrine NY Social Security office at 809 GRANT AVE

Long Beach NY Social Security office at 84 N. MAIN ST

Long Island City NY Social Security office at 31-08 37TH AVENUE 

Melville Social NY Security office at 1121 WALT WHITMAN RD 

Mineola NY Social Security office at 211 STATION RD 

Monticello NY Social Security office at 60 JEFFERSON ST

Mount Vernon NY Social Security office at 85 HARRISON ST 

New Rochelle NY Social Security office at 85 HARRISON ST 

New York NY 10036 Social Security office at 237 W 48TH ST

New York NY 10009 Social Security office at 650 EAST 12TH

New York NY 10278 Social Security office at 123 WILLIAM ST

New York NY 10017 Social Security office at 755 2ND AVE 

New York NY 10029 Social Security office at 345 EAST 102ND ST

New York NY 10033 Social Security office at 4292 BROADWAY

Newburgh NY Social Security office at 3 WASHINGTON CENTER

Niagara Falls NY Social Security office at 6540 NIAGARA FALLS BVD

Ogdensburg NY Social Security office at 101 FORD ST

Olean NY Social Security office at 175 N UNION

Oneonta NY  Social Security office at 31 MAIN ST

Oswego NY Social Security office at 17 FOURTH AVE

Patchogue NY Social Security office at 75 OAK ST

Peekskill NY Social Security office at ONE PARK PLACE

Plattsburgh NY Social Security office at 14 DURKEE ST

Poughkeepsie NY Social Security office at 332 MAIN ST

Queensbury NY Social Security office at 17 CRONIN RD

Rego Park NY Social Security office at 6344 AUSTIN ST

Riverhead NY Social Security office at 526 EAST MAIN ST

Rochester NY 14626 Social Security office at 4050 W RIDGE RD

Rochester NY 14604 Social Security office at 100 CHESTNUT ST

Rockaway NY Social Security office at 11306 ROCKAWAY BCH BLV

Rome NY Social Security office at 10 BROAD ST

Schenectady NY Social Security office at ONE BROADWAY CENTER

Staten Island NY 10305 Social Security office at 1510 HYLAN BLVD

Staten Island NY 10314 Social Security office at 2389 RICHMOND AVE

Syracuse NY Social Security office at 100 S CLINTON ST

Troy NY Social Security office at 500 FEDERAL ST

Utica NY Social Security office at 10 BROAD ST

Watertown NY Social Security office at 156 BELLEW AVE

West Babylon NY Social Security office at 510 PARK AVE

West Nyack NY Social Security office at 240 WEST NYACK RD

West Seneca NY Social Security office at 1900 RIDGE RD

White Plains NY Social Security office at 297 KNOLLWOOD RD

Yonkers NY Social Security office at 20 SOUTH BROADWAY