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This non government website provides information on your local social security office services and location. This site was created to help US Citizens find their local social security office and provide general Social Security information that is also accessible on the SSA Website. By visiting your local SSA office you will have access to a full range of Social Security services which will include applying for new or replacement Social Security cards, applying for Social Security and Supplemental Security income benefits, making changes to your benefits information and helping Medicare beneficiaries with limited income and resources apply for extra help with the cost of their prescription drugs under the new Medicare Prescription Drug Program.



Social Security Administration Functions

The Social Security Administration through it’s local offices and online platforms performs certain functions that pertain to the black lung benefits program, and it directs the aid to the blind, disabled and aged in the Virgin Islands, Guam and Puerto Rico. Under the 1935 law, benefits were only paid to the primary worker. Taxes to fund the program were first collected in January 1937, and the first one-time, lump-sum payments were made the same month. Disability benefits were added in 1956 A person’s nine-digit Social Security number is her first and continuous link with Social Security. Ongoing monthly benefits began in January 1940. In 1939, the law changed to add survivor benefits and benefits for the retiree’s children and spouse. The number helps the Social Security Administration to record all wages covered under Social Security accurately, as well as to monitor records once individuals start to receive benefits. The Social Security Act was signed by President Franklin Roosevelt on August 14, 1935.

Qualifying For Social Security Benefits

Individuals qualify for Social Security retirement, disability and survivors benefits by accumulating enough work credits while employed or by being a family member of someone with enough work credits. Workers receiving retirement benefits must be at least 62 years old, although they do not receive 100 percent benefits until they reach full retirement age, which varies from 65 to 67 depending on their date of birth. citizens and resident aliens who are aged 65 and over, disabled or blind who meet the requirements for limited income and resources. Supplementary Security Income is available to U. S. To qualify for Social Security retirement, disability or survivors benefits, workers need 40 work credits generally earned at the rate of four per year for a total of 10 years of covered employment, as of 2015. Spouses, children, dependent parents, widows or widowers of workers with enough credits may also be eligible for Social Security benefits. Unlike other Social Security office programs, a minimum number of accumulated work credits is not necessary for eligibility for SSI Eligibility for Supplementary Security Income is based on age or disability and the applicant’s income and resources. To receive disability benefits, workers must be unable to work at their job or do other work because of their disability, and the disability must last at least one year or be expected to result in death.

Services Provided By The Social Security Office

You local Social Security Office through the SSA provides benefits to retired people and people with disabilities. The SSA also administers Medicare, a program that aids with the costs of health care, but may not cover them entirely. Social Security offices also provides survivors’ benefits when a family member dies, as long as qualifying requirements are met. The Social Security Administration provides retirement, disability and health care services, as well as financial benefits to certain groups, including children and government employees. The retirement benefits known as Social Security is perhaps the SSA’s best-known service. U. S. It can also cover people who have a temporary disability or who a terminal medical condition. workers pay portions of their paychecks into Social Security and receive monthly benefits after they retire. It also administers Medicare, the federal government’s health care program for people over 65.  Although Medicare is designed primarily for people over the age of 65, it can also cover people with certain specified disabilities, including permanent kidney failure. Disability services cover people who have worked for a certain period of time and who have a disability that prevents them from continuing to work. The amount a worker receives after retiring depends on the amount he paid into the system in the first place.

Claims You Can Make At You Local Social Security Office 

People with limited financial resources due to a disability are eligible for Supplemental Security Income. Individuals who are at least 61 ¾ years old, do not receive any current Social Security benefits and want benefits to start within four months are eligible to apply for retirement benefits at their local social security office or online. Applicants who do not have Medicare and are at least 64 ¾ years old may apply for both retirement and Medicare online, according to the Social Security website. Citizens can also request a review of denied disability benefits within the past 60 days after being denied benefits. Adults over 18 years old, who do not receive Social Security benefits and cannot work for at least 12 months due to a medical condition may file a disability benefits claim at a local social security office or online. People can make Social Security claims for retirement, disability, survivors and supplemental security income. Social security office Applicants may also fill out a “Benefit Eligibility Screening Tool” online or fill out the a form at a local office to find out if they qualify for social security benefits.  Us citizens may also file their claims for retirement, disability and Medicare online, along with checking their application status and filing an appeal over denial of benefits.


Find Your Local Social Security Office

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24 Responses to Click to Tell Us Your Experience At Your Local Social Security Office

  1. Today, December 7, 2018, my husband’s SS disability benefits case worker phoned to ask that my husband, who is terminal with cancer, come into the offices at 550 Forest Avenue in Portland, Maine. We were informed that one piece of information was needed for final approval of his benefits. While my husband is quite weak, we were happy to comply, as his case worker, Scott has been wonderful when my husband has spoken with Scott on the phone. Scott indicated that my husband should sign in at the kiosk and Scott would look out for his SS number to come up and would see my husband. We have never been into the offices to use the kiosk before today. When prompted with the question “Do you have an appointment?”, my husband hesitated whether to answer yes or no but chose yes because we knew Scott was looking out for his SS number and this was to be a specific conversation with Scott. Scott informed us when his lunch break was and we were to arrive before or after that time. Hence, our understanding we were to specifically meet with Scott and consider our arrival as the appointment time. So, having received his number, my husband proceeded when directed, to window one, at just after 11am. I don’t know the name of the woman but I am explaining all of this to complain about how rude she was. She asked did my husband have a appointment. My husband hesitated for two reasons: he is weak from chemo and side effects from chemo, one of which is a foggy mind resulting in slow thinking, while the second reason was that though he felt he had an appointment, he was not given a specific time. Because I had been the one speaking with Scott on the phone (my husband felt too weak and foggy at the time of the phone call), I spoke up to try to explain. I was met with a rude hand put up as she rudely asked my husband again whether he had an appointment. He then said no, meaning not a specific time but she would not allow him to explain further. She told him to sit down, there were others ahead of him. She did not say this kindly, she was extremely rude and accusing. I asked could I not try to explain and she rudely told me to go ahead. I tried to explain about the phone call with Scott. She would not listen. I told her I thought she was being rude and there was no need for it. She abruptly told me I said that only because didn’t like what she was telling me. My husband was, understandably, feeling lousy and went to sit down. She told me to sit and wait to be called in, again an accusing and rude manner so much so that I said I would hope we would not be called to her window, to which she replied, “I hope not, too”. I felt verbally assaulted by this distainful woman who had one goal, to be cruel and accusing and not care to learn the truth. No one was trying to put anything over. He was doing as he thought he should when my husband selected yes to having an appointment. To be treated in such a rude manner was upsetting enough but to be treated in such a rude manner under the circumstances, that my husband is dying and every stage we go through to prepare for his death, is extremely painful. It’s disgusting that this woman is allowed to treat people in such a horrible manner. I do not know her name but I am using this form to file a complaint against her. No one, no matter if they are sick or well, should be treated so rudely. I would hope she will be reprimanded.

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